Since the 2000’s, DNA’s entrepreneurial trio formed by Paul Matte, Manon Vigneux and John Matte have participated in the many dialogues and projects around the development of the Cruise Canada New England cruise itinerary.

Destinations North America comes to life when, in 2013, a thorough market study confirms that the ground handling sector could use a new operator with a distinctive vision, local expertise and a desire to promote the beauties of our St-Lawrence river region.

The relentless growth in our industry made it possible to expand and DNA’s authentic relationships with the cruise lines have now journeyed from the St-Lawrence river to the U.S. East Coast and finally all the way to the Canadian and the American West Coast in the last 5 years.

To this day, DNA takes pride in providing services to 90% of the cruise lines throughout North America with customized shore excursions programs, turnaround services, port agency, land programs management, destinations services and so much more!

We provide all guests with an unforgettable shore experience while creating partnerships with local experts.
Continuously adapting our products and services to our client’s standards and to the unique character of each destination.

Paul, Manon & John